Key to Paradise: Science of Tawhid (soft cover)

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Nothing polishes the heart and strengthens iman more than the mention of Allah and His Messenger peace be upon him. Allah tells us, “O you who believe, believe.” This verse strongly urges us to increase our knowledge. “Truly, only the learned attain true awe of Allah.” Nobody comes to know Allah, except that they come to love Him. And nobody loves Him, except that they want to obey Him. Towards this end, this work covers:

Foundations of Conviction
Rational Basis for Belief in a Creator
The Divine & His Attributes
The Ambiguous Verses
Hanbali, Ash‘ari, & Maturidi
Proofs of Prophethood
The Companions
Ahl al-Bayt
Theistic Evolution
The Problem of Evil
Shirk, Kufr, & Takfir
Bid‘a & Tabdi‘ The Tahawiyya